December 2015:

November 2015:

  • Thomas Lab: Lillian Moller Jacobs wins First Place for her oral presentation in the Medical, Urban and Veterinary Entomology Graduate Division at the annual Entomological Society of America meeting.

August 2015:

July 2015:

June 2015:

  • Thomas Lab: R21 awarded from NIH NIAID to better understand how evolution of insecticide resistance is likely to impact control of malaria.

April 2015:

  • Zhang Lab: Model uncovers how malaria parasite causes red blood cell changes
  • Thomas Lab: R01 awarded from NIH NIAID to better understand how variation in environmental temperature affects the capacity of Indian malaria mosquitoes (Anopheles stephensi) to transmit malaria and also might influence the effectiveness of prospective control tools.

January 2015:

October 2014:

  • New video released describing the ongoing projects in the Lindner lab featuring Scott Lindner and Elyse Muñoz. (To watch video click here)

September 2014:

  • Llinás lab postdoctoral fellow Gabrielle Josling has been awarded an one year Australia to USA Fellowship from the American Australian Association.

July 2014:

June 2014:

April 2014:

  • Llinás lab postdoctoral fellow Heather Painter receives K22 Research Scholar Development Award from NIH.
  • Lindner lab graduate student Elyse Munoz has won the Best Poster Presentation Award at the World Malaria Day Symposium at the New York Academy of Science for her work on RNA-binding proteins inPlasmodium sporozoites.
  • Lindner lab graduate student Elyse Munoz was awarded the Huck Institutes Graduate Enrichment Award in support of her research on translational repression in Plasmodium sporozoites.

February 2014:

January 2014: